Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Flowers As Reminders..."

Recently a friend told me to update my blog. I told him that I couldn't 'cos I was so uninspired. Plus nothing out of the ordinary happens to me that's worth blogging.

But today something extraordinary did happen: I received a bouquet of roses along with a box of chocolates!

Not quite a romantic at heart, though I do cry at sappy love movies, I'm normally indifferent to mushy, romantic stunts. But it's hard to keep your cool when the entire office is surrounding you, cajoling you to divulge the name of the person who sent the bouquet. And with all the giggling and squealing (yes this place is infested with estrogen), along with the heart-warming note, I couldn't help the blood rushing to my cheeks.

Maybe I should stop calling myself an unromantic and admit that I am a sucker for all things sweet and mushy-feely.

Thanks, to the anonymous sender, for reminding me how fun it is to be a girl.

Monday, June 30, 2008


I don't bother reminding people I was an IT grad who was once notorious for being a technophile - the girl who once had 2 computers running simultaneously 24 hours a day with AIM running all night long, programming away for the Language Department, and constantly scouring for new gadgets to add to her wishlist. That was then.

Nowadays, I can't be bothered. Ask me what processor I use and I'd probably reply Kenwood FP626, titanium blade. Very good on the tomato puree.

Although I'm still the resident Microsoft Office 'how-to' person at the office (yes my 4 years of college was not entirely wasted), I still call up the IT department for petty things. Slowly but surely I've become the IT-ignoramus I once despised - the one that calls up ICT services to tell them my Excel file just froze by its own accord through no fault of my own, the one that makes a fuss when my email-account password has expired and needs updating, the one that thinks shutting down the laptop is the answer to every problem.

So when I finally decided to rid my old cell phone for one that would serve me better at work (and by serve me better I mean have the ability to make calls without dying every 5 seconds) I found myself struggling to understand what the technoblogs and reviews were saying. What was once a language I spoke so fluently was now some ancient foreign language spoken to me by a toothless man with a lisp. It made me wonder how a simple concept of 2 plastic cups and a string could have turned so complex.

It's like the time they changed good ol' Small, Medium, Large to Tall, Grande, Venti. Gone are the days you could come in a coffee shop and scream "One bloody coffee, no cream!" Now it takes at least 2 minutes before you get to make your order, and even then you'll be lucky if you speak the language. "One upside-down venti ristretto Caramel Macchiato at 140 degrees, no foam, breve milk and extra whipped cream, please!"

I finally resorted to emailing pictures of the phones I had in mind to my IT counterparts and telling them to brief me on their specs. That was the day I finally graduated into an IT-illiterate. I can almost hear my professors cry in shame.

However, all is not lost. There are days when I am still able to weave my way through an IT/technological conversation without being discovered a fraud (mostly those held with my Mum or my chronically IT-challenged pharmacist sister), and of course I am still able to impart my knowledge to my accountant colleagues who still are in the belief that I am an IT God (my words of wisdom: Control-Alt-Delete). While some may laugh at my poor attempt of regaining any honor I have left as an IT graduate, I shall not cry defeat until the day comes where I forget how to Blog.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

F1 Rocks! (Wait...who won again???)

I don't know what to say these days. Whatever's on my mind is usually said to my 3 Gossip Girls at work, so there's not much left on my mind to spill onto the screen at the end of the day. We hold regular B*Sessions which usually result in squeals, guffaws, facebook investigations, aci trips and tears-rolling-down-cheeks-laughter.

Good times.

I traded my normal Sunday classes for F1 last week and ended up having to go to the weekday classes on Tues and Thurs night. If you're asking me if it was worth the 11pm drive back home after class - it was worth every damn RM1,600. That's right, baby, Grand Stand seats.

Big Boss was scouring around Finance to dump his tickets, and after a long list of people declining, it ended up with me - I wonder how long the list was :p but I'm not complaining.

My sis and I prepared for RM20 burgers and RM5 tap water. Luckily, we were served free hot dogs, burgers, satays and drinks. Everytime I feel like quiting school, I remind myself this is why I need to get rich - First-class service.

After posing like a bunch of people who had RM1,600 to burn, we finally figured that we might as well splurge on RM50 F1 caps. So all-in-all, the whole thing cost us RM50 each :)

Oh and we left the race after 5 laps.

Don't be hatin' on me now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hello, World!

...apparently the earth didn't stop spinning while I was away...