Saturday, March 29, 2008

F1 Rocks! (Wait...who won again???)

I don't know what to say these days. Whatever's on my mind is usually said to my 3 Gossip Girls at work, so there's not much left on my mind to spill onto the screen at the end of the day. We hold regular B*Sessions which usually result in squeals, guffaws, facebook investigations, aci trips and tears-rolling-down-cheeks-laughter.

Good times.

I traded my normal Sunday classes for F1 last week and ended up having to go to the weekday classes on Tues and Thurs night. If you're asking me if it was worth the 11pm drive back home after class - it was worth every damn RM1,600. That's right, baby, Grand Stand seats.

Big Boss was scouring around Finance to dump his tickets, and after a long list of people declining, it ended up with me - I wonder how long the list was :p but I'm not complaining.

My sis and I prepared for RM20 burgers and RM5 tap water. Luckily, we were served free hot dogs, burgers, satays and drinks. Everytime I feel like quiting school, I remind myself this is why I need to get rich - First-class service.

After posing like a bunch of people who had RM1,600 to burn, we finally figured that we might as well splurge on RM50 F1 caps. So all-in-all, the whole thing cost us RM50 each :)

Oh and we left the race after 5 laps.

Don't be hatin' on me now.


Abdul Adzim said...

5 laps? FIVE LAPS?!?!?!? shanmeful!!! :-P how did you not like the roaring sound of a V8 engine at full tilt going 19000 RPM?
btw kimi raikkonen won :-)

yazmin said...

Hello stranger!

Yes, 5 laps. I loved the free food, the people-watching, the pounding of my heart when the cars raced by and of course, the ear-plugging business of putting them on and taking them out everytime my sister said something.

Oh but adzim, you still don't know how fast MY car goes. Vroom! *maroon blur whizzes by*

Abdul Adzim said...

which you still owe me a ride in, by the way :-)

ct5ruz said...

dude,i'm so jealous of u.i was stuck at the ofis doing some operation works whilst i was suppose to go to Sepang to snap the pics.dammit!!ni yang buat aku rase nak berhenti keje ni..LOL :P

..::ciaobella::.. said...

yasmin islahudiin?? from BB 2? hey its me..elia heska..ingat ke ehk? well hope u do. :p

syarina said...

myn! found your blog again.. yay!


Yazmin said...

Hi Elia Heska! Yes, I remember you :)

And hi Syarina! We find each other in the oddest ways don't we :)