Friday, May 18, 2007

The elevator

Today was a tad slow. Nothing interesting ever happens so I couldn't have been happier when 1 o'clock came. I rush out my office to the elevator, already listing possible dishes I could have for lunch.

The elevator finally stops at my floor. The door swings open and in there stands THE Big Big Boss and the Big Boss (and some other guy).

Great. I reluctantly step inside, trying my best to act invisible. Awkwardly, I stand in between BBB and BB while they speak to each other and Guy 1. All the while I was hoping nobody would realize I was there and ask me a question. Or worse, my tummy would growl.

We stop at a floor below and BB gets out. The elevator door barely closes when THE BBB suddenly catches me off guard.

"Hah, Yazmin! How's the share market today?"
Shitshitshit. "Uh.."
"Yazmin is one of our officers," BBB cuts me off to introduce me to Guy 1. "She studied computers at CMU," he continues.
What the heck is the market price at again???
Guy 1 looks at me and holds out his hand and I grab it in relief. Anything to get out of answering BBB's share market question.
"Hi, I'm Chewbacca from K." It probably wasn't, but I wasn't paying attention.
"Yazmin." (Still gripping his hand.) RM11.50?
"Nice to meet you." Shake, shake, shake. Come on 2nd floor....RM11.60?
"Ah, here's my floor!" says BBB. "OK then Chewbacca..." Gogogogogo!
I can almost smell sweet, sweet freedom. The elevator door bumps into BBB a couple of times since he's standing between the opening. I can't believe my luck.
"I'll see you later," he tells us, and says something that makes Chewy laugh.
I laugh along. Yay! I'm freeee......

"So... Yazmin... how is the share market now?"
**&$$#@#*!! Are you kidding me???
"It's unchanged at RM11.60, sir. Still the same," I say with such confidence I almost believed I was good at my job.
"Ah good, good. OK then. Bye!"

The doors finally close. And I'm left with Chewy feeling shaken.

And shamelessly impressed.


azura.naem said...

Hey Myn,

went about Friendster and found out you started blogging again =)

just wanna say hi!

ct5ruz said...

Hahhahah....padan muke!!kantoi dgn CK...hahahhahaha.lepas ni kena rajin bukak bloomberg.ehehhe.

samah kambing said...

wooohooo min blog balik!!!

kenterong said...


yazmin said...

samah kambing: Hey, it's my favorite kambing! How are things samah? Is the belly getting any bigger?

kenterong: We should have lunch/dinner again shouldn't we. This time I'll know you're right when you say Laksa Kelantan is the white one :p

kenterong said...

yes yes, let's do a meal together (lunch or dinner, take your pick) one of these days. laksa kelantan? it's laksam, you culinary ignoramus!

Stupid_O said...

wahahahaha look what i found on a slow friday morning :)
i'm still waiting for that ride in the blazing red hot hatch of yours you know... :P

samah kambing said...

min min min... belly is the new sexy

yazmin said...

stupid_o: I just realized I owe more people a ride in my car than I owe my credit card. My car is that hot :p

samah kambing: so you're the one who's bringing sexy back.

asrif said...

hah myn writing again... keeponkeepinon!

Zan said...

It seems I can't reach you with the phone number I have. Have you changed it since the last time I talked to you? Anyway, I'm not going to Yusno's wedding, I'll be in Jakarta that weekend.